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June 5, 2019  at Jim and Zoe Fameree 

We've lived at our home for 46 years, and our house and yard have gone through numerous changes in that time, including three additions, moving of plants, and relocating an entire shade garden. We have a very large variety of different plants. The additions have drastically changed the look of our house from a regular ranch (it was a twin of the home next door) to what it is now.

We have around 100 hostas, 100 daylilies, numerous perennials, a large vegetable garden, two columnar apple trees, one mini apple tree, one peach tree, and an assortment of annuals. We love experimenting with plants and trying new things. Our yard has a lot of color.

July 10, 2019 at Cheryl Hoffman 

Our gardens started out as a hay field 20 years ago. Unfortunately, we didn't have any large trees to build around or have the foresight to plant them earlier. There isn't a lot of shade in our yard, so I've tried to get creative. There are several hosta that have been on our property for as long as the house that were purchased from Menards and divided many times.

Hostas are all over. The larger varieties are on the north side of the shed and the minis and others are next to the greenhouse. There is a path behind the greenhouse in a new bed on the hillside. The original bed is on the north side of the house. I am so excited to have you visit our garden! We love it and hope you enjoy it, too.

Aug 1, 2020 at Ron & Lil Hansche

We have been in our home for over 50 years. We found our wooded lot in the older part of the city of Oshkosh and began to build our house, surrounded by many trees and a natural spring. Ron designed our home and was the general contractor, building around as many trees as possible. Our children were preschoolers at the time and loved playing with neighborhood children in our yard.


The children grew and we built a garage. Many years later, we made a new entranceway with a greenhouse on the top. It was around this time our thoughts turned to landscaping. All the trees make for lots of shade, so shade plants were investigated. We all know what kind of plants we found - those wonderful, unique hostas! We have around 150 or more different varieties and have markers for most all of them. Ron also has about 20 bonsai displayed in the yard. Come visit!